Uber Eats Alternative For Restaurants – UberEats Solution

We wanted to share a new Uber Eats alternative we’ve launched for restaurants of all sizes, OnlineOrderingPros.com. UberEats is a growing company that is competing with GrubHub and DoorDash in cities across the U.S. with a growing list of clients, unfortunately, these platforms will not benefit your restaurant in the long-run.

Uber Eats is a platform that connects restaurants with delivery partners and customers via their online technology. Your restaurant is directly competing with local competitors and paying unfair commissions which will end up hurting your overall profit margins!

UberEats charges a restaurant approximately 20% – 30% of their listed prices for the marketing and delivery costs on each order. Based on the fees they charge per order, restaurant owners that sign up with Uber Eats will lose money on almost every order they accept from the platform.

Integrating the Uber Eats platform into your existing restaurant operations can create serious logistical issues for your FOH and kitchen staff causing the customer’s food to arrive late, resulting in a frustrating experience for your customer.

UberEats drivers work with local restaurants in your area on a 24/7 basis, including direct competitors, so there’s no incentive for the independent drivers which ultimately, will not benefit your restaurant’s brand based on the points listed above.

Alternative to Uber Eats

As online ordering apps continue to increase, we’ll continue seeing an increased demand for online ordering due to the accelerated rise in the restaurant industry. Customers love having the ability to order from local restaurants with the ability to view the latest menu on their mobile device and pay for their orders with secure online ordering for restaurants.

Restaurant owners in need of a Uber Eats alternative should switch to our new system, OnlineOrderingPros as we’re currently offering a free account implementation, which also includes your first month free!

Our highly-rated system was built for restaurants in all niches, so if you have a single location or 100 locations, we offer an easy-to-use solution that will streamline your BOH and FOH operations. As a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t have to pay thousands on a monthly basis to the UberEats platform when you can request a FREE consultation on our online ordering platform.

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