DoorDash Alternative For Restaurants

We wanted to share a new DoorDash alternative for restaurants of all sizes, DoorDash is a growing company that is competing with GrubHub in several large US cities, with a growing list of restaurants.

Unfortunately, the truth is, DoorDash upsets a decent number of owners by finding deceptive ways to work around their operation.

Some restaurant owners are upset because their restaurant name, menu, and logo are being used for sales purposes on the DoorDash platform without their approval. Customers are also forced to pay prices higher than the in-store price, which may also frustrate certain customers, leading to negative reviews, etc.

Integrating the DoorDash platform into your current restaurant operations can cause numerous logistical issues for your kitchen staff as the food may arrive late resulting in cold food and an unhappy customer.

DoorDash drivers work with several restaurants in your area at any given time, including direct competitors, so clearly, there’s no incentive for the driver as they’ll cherry-pick orders and neglect others.

Alternative to DoorDash

As online technologies continue to expand, we’ll continue seeing an increased demand for online ordering due to the rapid growth in this restaurant industry. Folks love having the ability to order from their favorite restaurants and the ability to pay online, select preferences and pay for their takeout/delivery orders with a secure online ordering system for restaurants.

Restaurant owners in need of a DoorDash alternative should look into OnlineOrderingPros as we’re currently offering a free account set-up, which also includes your initial month and training.

Our top-rated system was built for restaurants of all types, so overall we offer a solution that will provide an easy-to-use platform for your BOH and FOH operations. The last thing you’d want to do is pay $1,000s on a monthly basis to the DoorDash platform when ultimately you can request a free consultation on our in-house software solution.

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