GrubHub vs DoorDash

We’re going to discuss a hot topic right now which is GrubHub vs DoorDash, two leading start-up tech companies that have taken over the restaurant technology industry. They’re both currently operating in hundreds of US cities and have mobile apps available for iPhone and Android phones.

Grubhub vs DoorDash

Grubhub Overview

Grubhub Inc. is a web and mobile-based platform for ordering carryout and delivery from local restaurants in your city. Headquartered in Chicago, as of early 2018, the company reported having an active user base of 14.5 million users and approximately 80,000 restaurant clients across 1,700 cities in the United States.

There are a lot of restaurants that are shifting to an online platform so they can accept online ordering requests from potential and current customers, so they’ll end up using a platform like GrubHub. If you decide to sign up for GrubHub’s online ordering platform, you should be prepared to pay a shocking fee of almost 18% – 30% on every customer order, which is NOT fair for the restaurant owner.

We’ve spoken to a diverse list of restaurant managers and restaurateurs that are unhappy paying over $1,000 – $1,500+ per month (based on their monthly sales) to the GrubHub team. In our opinion, this is a favorable situation for GrubHub and not the restaurant.

Based on GrubHub’s existing business model, they have a clear interest in sending your customers back to their marketplace and away from your business website. This strategy is implemented so the GrubHub users continuously order from a variety of local restaurants, creating additional competition for new and established businesses.

DoorDash Overview

DoorDash Inc. is a direct competitor of GrubHub, offering food delivery services across the US, they were founded in 2013 and currently, they’re headquartered in San Francisco. DoorDash initially launched in Palo Alto and has since expanded to over 50 markets and more than 500 cities across the USA.

Sadly, the truth is, DoorDash annoys a lot of restaurant owners by looking for shady ways to add their restaurant to the DoorDash app without the owner’s direct consent.

A lot of restaurant managers and owners are worried because their restaurant’s branding and menu items are added to the DoorDash system with zero approval from the restaurant’s management team. On the DoorDash app, the restaurant’s menu will typically list a slightly higher price point than the in-person price, leading to a high level of dissatisfaction and a potentially lost customer.

Coordinating the DoorDash system into your existing restaurant process will lead to various logistical issues for your back-of-the-house team as the customer’s order could arrive late resulting in soggy food and a miserable patron.

DoorDash drivers typically contract with several restaurants in their local city on an as-needed basis, which includes the restaurant’s neighboring competition. Ultimately, there are zero incentives for the driver to provide quick and speedy service since they’re busy delivering multiple orders from multiple restaurants.

DoorDash vs GrubHub – is the BEST Solution

After thoroughly analyzing GrubHub’s structure, we believe that your customers are truly your proprietary assets. GrubHub has a reputation for sending coupons from your local competition to your current and previous customers, which will harm your business in the long term.

The online ordering industry will continue to grow, which will increase the demand from platforms like GrubHub, DoorDash, and our recommended system, Your customers expect to see an online ordering option on your website, which is a fairly common function nowadays, so it’s important to implement an in-house system like ours.

If you’re a restaurant owner that is looking for improvements with GrubHub vs DoorDash, then please look into OnlineOrderingPros since we’re offering a free one-month trial of our online ordering system!

Our improved system was developed for restaurants of all sizes and niches, which will enhance your FOH and BOH operations by providing your customers with an easy-to-use food ordering platform.

Restaurant owners should not have to pay thousands of dollars per month to process online orders, this is completely unethical in our opinion. We developed this in-house solution so restaurants pay a fair, flat fee on a monthly basis.

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Uber Eats Alternative For Restaurants – UberEats Solution

We wanted to share a new Uber Eats alternative we’ve launched for restaurants of all sizes, UberEats is a growing company that is competing with GrubHub and DoorDash in cities across the U.S. with a growing list of clients, unfortunately, these platforms will not benefit your restaurant in the long-run.

Uber Eats is a platform that connects restaurants with delivery partners and customers via their online technology. Your restaurant is directly competing with local competitors and paying unfair commissions which will end up hurting your overall profit margins!

UberEats charges a restaurant approximately 20% – 30% of their listed prices for the marketing and delivery costs on each order. Based on the fees they charge per order, restaurant owners that sign up with Uber Eats will lose money on almost every order they accept from the platform.

Integrating the Uber Eats platform into your existing restaurant operations can create serious logistical issues for your FOH and kitchen staff causing the customer’s food to arrive late, resulting in a frustrating experience for your customer.

UberEats drivers work with local restaurants in your area on a 24/7 basis, including direct competitors, so there’s no incentive for the independent drivers which ultimately, will not benefit your restaurant’s brand based on the points listed above.

Alternative to Uber Eats

As online ordering apps continue to increase, we’ll continue seeing an increased demand for online ordering due to the accelerated rise in the restaurant industry. Customers love having the ability to order from local restaurants with the ability to view the latest menu on their mobile device and pay for their orders with secure online ordering for restaurants.

Restaurant owners in need of a Uber Eats alternative should switch to our new system, OnlineOrderingPros as we’re currently offering a free account implementation, which also includes your first month free!

Our highly-rated system was built for restaurants in all niches, so if you have a single location or 100 locations, we offer an easy-to-use solution that will streamline your BOH and FOH operations. As a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t have to pay thousands on a monthly basis to the UberEats platform when you can request a FREE consultation on our online ordering platform.

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DoorDash Alternative For Restaurants

We wanted to share a new DoorDash alternative for restaurants of all sizes, DoorDash is a growing company that is competing with GrubHub in several large US cities, with a growing list of restaurants.

Unfortunately, the truth is, DoorDash upsets a decent number of owners by finding deceptive ways to work around their operation.

Some restaurant owners are upset because their restaurant name, menu, and logo are being used for sales purposes on the DoorDash platform without their approval. Customers are also forced to pay prices higher than the in-store price, which may also frustrate certain customers, leading to negative reviews, etc.

Integrating the DoorDash platform into your current restaurant operations can cause numerous logistical issues for your kitchen staff as the food may arrive late resulting in cold food and an unhappy customer.

DoorDash drivers work with several restaurants in your area at any given time, including direct competitors, so clearly, there’s no incentive for the driver as they’ll cherry-pick orders and neglect others.

Alternative to DoorDash

As online technologies continue to expand, we’ll continue seeing an increased demand for online ordering due to the rapid growth in this restaurant industry. Folks love having the ability to order from their favorite restaurants and the ability to pay online, select preferences and pay for their takeout/delivery orders with a secure online ordering system for restaurants.

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Our top-rated system was built for restaurants of all types, so overall we offer a solution that will provide an easy-to-use platform for your BOH and FOH operations. The last thing you’d want to do is pay $1,000s on a monthly basis to the DoorDash platform when ultimately you can request a free consultation on our in-house software solution.

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GrubHub Alternative – Stop Using GrubHub For Your Restaurant!

Today, we will discuss an alternative to GrubHub, a top-rated online ordering system for restaurants that will help eliminate costly fees from other platforms. A majority of restaurant owners using an online ordering system such as Grub Hub are most likely paying an outrageous fee of 15% – 25% on each order! We’ve spoken to countless restaurant owners that are NOT happy paying $1,000+ (per month) to GrubHub’s platform. In our opinion, this is strictly a win-win situation for GrubHub, but not the restaurant owner.

Based on GrubHub’s model, they have a vested interest in driving customers back to their platform and away from your restaurant’s website. Unlike GrubHub’s platform, we believe that your customers are truly your proprietary data. GrubHub is known to send email offers from your local competitors directly to your customer base, which does not benefit your restaurant.

As technology continues to grow, we will continue seeing a demand for online ordering systems due to the rapid growth amongst restaurant customers. Folks love having the ability to search online for their favorite restaurants and having the ability to browse their menus, select options, and pay for their carryout or delivery order via secure online ordering. Restaurant owners in need of a GrubHub alternative should look into Online Ordering Pros as we’re currently offering a free migration, which also includes a free month of service and your set up fee waived!

Top-Rated GrubHub Alternative

Our top-rated online ordering system was built for restaurants of all sizes, so overall we offer a solution that will provide an easy-to-use platform for daily use. The last thing you’d want to do is pay $1,000s every month to GrubHub or similar platforms, when ultimately you can sign up with OnlineOrderingPros for a low monthly fee, with a free website implementation and training!

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